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Being a full-time therapist, I help with mental Health, Addiction, and relationship problems.

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What I Do

I  provide Counselling   rooted in science,  and compassion for adults, couples, and families.

Mental Health

Relationship Therapy

Addictions Therapy

US DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

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My Story

Bharat is a Master Practioner in Clinical Counselling, Canadian certified alcohol, and drug counsellor. He has over ten years of experience in counselling inpatient, outpatient, and community settings. In private practice, he specializes in Mental health, addiction, relationship, safety-sensitive workplace assessments, and return to duty processes. He is recognized as a qualified Substance Abuse  ( SAP)  through the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

DECSA recognized him for assisting over  250 people in Edmonton with mental disabilities recognized in2017, and he was featured as one of “THE BEST IN EDMONTON” and Top 3 MARRIAGE COUNSELLING Edmonton 2022. He has won the ThreeBestRated® award two years in a row.


Edmonton Therapist

Bharat Sharma, MPCC, RPC, CCAC, DCA

Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (U.S., DOT)