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In today’s era of start-ups, globalization, and the availability of work from home (WFH), prolonged work hours and stress have become extremely common. Daily work issues like dissatisfaction with the boss, work profile, or salary add to the existing pile of stress, often leading to Job Burnout.

What is Job Burnout?

Job burnout happens when stress from the work environment is constant for a long time, which makes you physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. It’s not a disorder; however, it is a syndrome wherein several symptoms are simultaneously observed. While burnout is mainly exhaustion, it is more than just that and can affect your self-worth and identity. It results in disturbed mental and physical health and can sometimes result in disorders like depression and anxiety.

Do You Face These Issues?

Following are the plausible causes of your burnout due to the workplace:

  • Lack of control in decision-making processes
  • Workplace politics
  • Overload of work
  • Being assigned tasks out of your job profile
  • Feeling underpaid for your work
  • Feeling that you do not get support to do your job from friends and family
  • Feeling that your work and achievements are not being recognized
  • Unable to give personal life enough time
  • Lack of resources at the workplace to get your work done effectively

How to Recognise if you Have burnout?

You are probably going through burnout if you have a few or most of the following symptoms:

  • Physical symptoms:
    • Feeling exhausted most of the time
    • Frequent headaches and/or muscle pain
    • Change in appetite
    • Change in sleep patterns
    • Falling sick frequently
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  • Emotional symptoms:
    • Sense of failure
    • Constant self-doubt
    • Feeling lonely
    • Feeling helpless
    • Loss of motivation
    • Dissatisfaction
    • Negative perspective toward life and work
  • Behavioral symptoms:
    • Isolating yourself
    • Procrastinating
    • Withdrawal from work
    • Substance abuse
    • Binge eating or starving

Stress Therapy or Counselling for Burnout

It is not always possible to eliminate the causes of burnout. However, burnout can still be eliminated. Seeking professional psychological help to tackle burnout will enable you with tools to understand your burnout better, effectively eliminate it, and prevent burnout from manifesting into an even bigger issue.

 Online Stress Management

An experienced therapist can guide you to become aware of the root cause of your burnout, understand how long you have felt this way, and deal with the root cause. Moreover, you need to understand to differentiate between situations that are in your control and those that are not in your control. Moreover, what do you have to do in that case.

Furthermore, if you think you have not reached the burnout stage but may shortly, you should try counseling as well!

How Counseling Talk Therapy can help

 Talk therapy and cognitive behavior Therapy ( CBT) effectively treat various stress and burnout issues. Because of the wide variety of concerns that can cause us to feel burnt & stressed, and overwhelmed, feel free to call me to discuss further. Sometimes other mental health problems are perceived as burnout. Therapy will help you understand this difference and get the correct prognosis and diagnosis.

Work issues manifesting into burnout are common, but seeking help can help you be fitter mentally and physically. Burnout therapy will help you burn your burnout! Edmonton therapist is ready to help with all your counselling Edmonton needs.


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